Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

by - 11/12/2014

Hey lovelies! so for the first time, ever... (even though I absolutely love gaming) I finally bought my OWN ps3 game, and I'm starting it off with the last (yeah I'm backwards sometimes) of the Arland Trilogy series! and it is... Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland! Of course, one of the reasons why I chose this game is because, it's Kawaii I've read online that Meruru is the best out of the trilogy which was Rorona (first release), and Totori (second release) and meruru is just super cutie hihi! I am still starting but, I already read the reviews and mostly those who reviewed it were guys so they say the game plot is okay, but the game is really girly!! so sparkly and kawaii, and that's the way I want it! The art is super kawaii in this game!

As it says, this is the premium box version of the game! And the photo below is what I bought at Data Blitz~

Still super cute right? ahh, the colors and sparkles make it more kawaii! To be hones I was thinking of buying 2 games, this and Project Diva, but I thought of sticking with just this one first and for now, I plan to collect the entire series, but it's weird since I'm starting from newest to oldest haha!

and now, you will see how the game play actually looks!

nyaaa~ everything is so kawaii right? The version I bought has been dubbed in english, I'm actually very picky when it comes to voice acting, but the english VA's actually did a very good job, but one great feature in this game is, you can change the audio in Japanese, but everything else will remain in english! so you get to enjoy both audios!

One thing I love about this is it's an RPG, so it has a story line and battle plot! and, the best thing is, you get to dress up you character! usually in games like this or at least in most RPG games, you don't really get to dress up the character, but I'm so happy you can do that here!

hihi! I'm still at the first part of the story, but I'm already enjoying the game so far! it has a lot of narration, and the instructions are very well laid out for the player!
I know this is not a new game, but! it's never too late to try an RPG like this!

My boyfriend mike helped me pick out this game! originally, I was planning on buying a 3DS game which is Pokemon Art Academy, but he did tell me the different perks of buying this game instead so yeah~ thanks baby!!

and that's it for today kawaii readers!


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