Ulzzang Pistol "GIRLFRIEND" Album Launch

by - 10/15/2014

Finally! it's here! my blog post about Ulzzang Pistol's album launch last saturday October 11, 2014 at Heima Brixton~ His album GIRLFRIEND has so many cute and inspiring songs so be sure to check them out! (will be providing a link here in this post) So! to start of, 2 weeks before the album launch, zeon messaged me in facebook, telling me that he's looking for a kawaii singer (who can sing in Japanese) to perform a few of his songs with him for his album launch and told me that Kaila recommended me to him~

At first I was like, Ok... this is so random and shocking, I've never performed live, all my covers in YouTube don't even have my face on it, and I don't have that much of a good voice, I just imitate voices of whoever is singing or I'm covering. So I asked, are you sure you're alright with me singing it? and he says yeah... So he sent me the songs that I need to practice, and here we were... about to perform...

But first things first, the venue was super beautiful and kawaii! how everything was presented and such!

 (photos from Kawaii Philippines)

He also provided Ice gems, (cookie gems?) gummy worms, and marshmallows! they also have fruit punch that tasted like gummy bears!

The ambiance of the place was really homey and kawaii! the lights were pretty and the merchandise were also kawaii!

 (photo from Kawaii Philippines)

(Photos by Armaine yapyuco)

Everything was pretty and according to the theme of the performance and program!
Of course the kawaii PH team were there to support Zeon (and the very nervous me~)
(will add more photos soon)

Of course Kawaii PH's chichi never failed to not have anything Kawaii with her! her unicorn accessory is
super cute!
And aside from the Kawaii PH supporting Zeon's event, of cours his friends and mentor supported him too!

(photos by Armaine Yapyuco)

Zeon;s brother Rome also performed some of his works for the guests at the event! (his whole family is very supportive!)


(Photo by armaine yapyuco)

And finally! it was time for Zeon's performance!he first did an intro with his techy DJ equipment, then performed one song, then transition to the song that I would be performing with him, then he did an introduction, after that I performed two more songs with him before my job was over!


(photos by Armaine Yapyuco)

I was super nervous and my hands were shaking and I was scared I might forget the lyrics, so I brought my phone with me for a copy of the lyrics I needed, my boyfriend has the videos for all 3 songs I performed~(and yes, I am wearing the Kawaii PH shirt cos Zeon introduced me as a representative of Kawaii PH, again, spreading the KAWAII PH love!)
Will be posting the videos here in this post as well once I get the copies from him hihi~

Chichi and Armaine were calling me "Kawaii Ninja/Rapper"
because I performed a song when I had to rap~

He supported me and Zeon even though he's not really into Kawaii and all~so yay!
After our performance, the Kawaii PH girls took pictures together with the Kawaii Ambassadress who also went to the album launch!

(Will be updating the post with more pictures from the Kawaii Philippines facebook)

I'll update this post once I have the other pictures and videos up!~

I would like to thank Zeon, for giving me this opportunity to overcome my fear and perform live! hihi!
and to the Kawaii PH team thank you as well!

Thank you Armaine Yapyuco and Francis for these pictures!
please visit Armaine's blog post about this event as well!
LINK: http://armaineyapyuco.blogspot.com/2014/10/ulzzang-pistols-girlfriend-album-launch.html#more

That;s all for today lovelies!

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