Sailor moon dash!

by - 10/07/2014

Haro! So I just downloaded this new game on my phone, and I'm already loving it! I'm sure all kawaii girls (and boys) will enjoy this game as well! It's.. the Sailor Moon Dash game!  available on App Stores and Play Stores! it's a really addicting game, the graphics are really cute, and it's very easy to figure out and fun to play! the downside to it is that it's in Japanese, but! I will provide the basic instructions so you can play the game with ease!

So that's the page you're going to be on once you open it, and as you can see the language is Japanese, so! here's a quick guide on what to press~

The First tab is what you press to automatically start the game, the second tab is for the instructions, again it's in Japanese but it's still cute so you can still check it out, and pictures are also included, if you want to know what it looks like:

It's pretty easy to figure out, you'll find those items (and make sure to get them!) when you start playing the game~

The third button on the main menu is for ads if I'm not mistaken, and the last tab (which is blue) is for Twitter! When you press the button to start playing (which is again the 1st button)
it directs you to this page

All you have to do is press スタ-ト(START) and you'll begin the game!
So here's what the game itself looks like

So you'll run and collect stars so you can use the transformation and see this screen!

At the top left, you'll see your life bar and star bar, if your star bar is full, there will be a button in the middle which you will press so you can transform!There are also other items while running which you can use to your advantage in battling monsters and jumping through crystals which can damage you and lessen your life points

The Bottom left button is for jumping, you tap that twice so you can Jump higher and jump on the enemies, you can press the right button for attacking, but that decreases your star bar so make sure you have enough when using this!

Overall, this game is super fun to play plus it makes me jump in my seat! you can have your friends compete with you on who has the highest score at the end of each round! besides the fun part of the game, it's super Kawaii!

See you on my next post lovelies!

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