Rainbowholic x LucyPop Japan Kawaii Girl Uniform Official Release / Launch

by - 10/17/2014

It's finally time~The release of the famous Rainbowholic x LucyPop Japan Kawaii Girl Uniform!
Everyone must be so excited about this! (Of course I will personally support this) There's been a lot of projects with Kawaii PH and everyone's pretty busy, we're already planning Kawaii in Manila 3 and I will make a separate post for that and keep everyone updated (but of course I won't spoil the surprises!)

The Rainbowholic x LucyPop Japan Kawaii Girl Uniform is one of the biggest collaboration Kawaii PH has done and of course the material for the uniform itself is in very good quality! It's like a kawaii-fied seifuku specifically for Kawaii girls!(although all seifuku's are kawaii) This uniform follows a traditional Filipino school uniform (with it's peter pan like collar, and not following the traditional sailor collar of seifukus) kawaii-fied into a japanese like seifuku and finally, personalized with a touch of Kaila Ocampo's (Kawaii PH founder) personal kawaii tastes and enhanced by none other than LucyPop Japan themselves!

It's simple and neat, but still Kawaii! The main colors are red and white which is very vibrant and very striking to look at~

You can also see that it is very well made because of how the lines look or are sewn into the cloth

 All the details are very well done, and the cherry red color of the collar and sleeves are very nice to look at as well~ plus, you'll look super cute in it!

Kawaii PH's Kaila Ocampo, Chichi Romero, and Kaye Romero sporting the Kawaii Girl Uniform!
They all look super cute don't they?

We also have a #KawaiiGirlCampaign going on right now!The theme/question is "What makes you a Kawaii Girl at Heart?" Kaila has asked me to do something for the Kawaii PH community about this campaign and it is still on going! so go ahead and think, what makes you a Kawaii Girl at Heart?

(Campaign Logo created by Chichi/Littlemisspaintbrush)

I will also purchase the Kawaii Girl Uniform of course to help fund for Kawaii in Manila 3!

And to officially end this post, here's a message from none other than Rainbowholic Kaila Ocampo!

The Kawaii Girl Uniform (a happy collaboration between Rainbowholic and LucyPop Japan) symbolizes a dream being realized through kawaii ways of anyone who shares the same penchant for the embodiment of this “cute tang” we are all hooked up with nowadays (or even way before). It is also hoped to serve as the epitome of this passion and longing of that “little-girl” inside us dying to express herself unapologetically for trying to be as cute inside and out as naturally as one can be. Born out of a simple idea from Kaila’s colorful dreams and sincerest ambitions to fill the world with kawaii and spread cuteness, this Kawaii Girl Uniform Project aims to unite and gather these “little girls” in all of us and celebrate the good things that only “Kawaii Girls at Heart” can and might be able to understand.
It was conceptualized to be as simply cute as much as possible without the excess frills so that anyone or anybody for that matter can wear anytime, anywhere as much as possible. Why not share this spirit with all of us and try to make this dress as an epic uniform that can characterize us all? Much more, it is aligned with the philosophy and concept of LucyPop Japan to connect and unite girls while at giving them a common ground to belong together. Truly, when we wear a uniform, we feel instant connection with each other and we do experience the magic of being able to make friends with people who look the same as we do.
I hope you all can patronize this yearn of me to all connect as one and show how strong and kawaii we all can be.
♥, Kaila (the Kawaii Advocate)
Start of Pre-order: October 17, 2014
Start of Shipment Date: November 5, 2014
Worldwide shipping with tracking number via EMS Japan. ♡
Note: If there are problems with ordering / checking out, please don't hesitate to contact me using this form:http://shop.rainbowholic.me/contact-me/

That's all for today kawaii babies!

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