Rainbowholic Meet up at Mother's Crepe and Cafe

by - 10/24/2014

Hey lovelies! yes, I know, I'm one week late at blogging about the one and only Rainbowholic meet up that happened last Saturday October 18, 2014 at Mother's Crepe and Cafe! A super cute japanese like cafe that sells super kawaii crepes and oishii milktea's and shakes! So the agenda would start from 1:00 pm and last until 3:00 pm, but I arrived 12:15 pm hoping I could help Kaila set up the tables and other things needed, but when I got there, Kaila already set everything up by herself! uwah I was late already, but she did a fantastic job at setting the place up!



everything looks perfect and super cute right? gaaah! it was all so perfect and I was super excited for Kaila's talk! (cos I planned to listen as well and get tips!) I also planned on joining the "contest" you know, to be chosen as one of the 10 (in this case 12) girls to participate in this workshop, but I am over the age limit~ so Kaila told me to help her with the workshop instead!

And now, will be posting more pictures of the workshop with the 12 lucky girls as well!

 Here's a pic of Kaila introducing me to the girls while I was taking pics!

Everyone was really listening intently, there all acknowledge Kaila's hard work and determination! even I was caught up in the workshop!
then the other members of Kawaii PH came! and a visit from the Kawaii PH Ambassadress Gia!

Kawaii PH ambassadress Gia!

Me and my same Generation Kawaii PH member Armaine! (kaila said we're in the same generation, so kinda like generation 2 or 3 of Kawaii PH team? lol!)

I also had selfies with my favorites Chichi, Kaye and Celine!we all looked super happy in the pics! 
And finally, the final batch of pictures/ "awards"/ goody giveaways!
Congratulations again to the 12 lucky girls!

Everyone was super satisfied with the awesome and inspirational event!! again congratulations to the 12 girls! and of course to our very own Kaila Ocampo for a successful workshop!!

Hopefully Kawaii PH will have more events/workshops like this more often!

And the freebies included in the loot bag...

Hopefully more people will join next time!!

Bye Kawaii gurls!

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