Kawaii PH at the TLC Weekend Festival

by - 10/05/2014

So last Saturday (September 27,2014) I was invited by ms. Kaila Ocampo to visit their mini workshop at the TLC Festival in da Fort, and I immediately took the opportunity to do so and it was a saturday well spent!
The Kawaii PH team were super nice and accommodating! our meeting went well and I was able to bond with Ms. Kaila for about… 4 hours I’d say~ and it was really fun talking to her! she’s such a nice person and even without blogging, still very inspiring! I was able to chat a little with the great artist Ms. ChiChi Romero as well!
but before we get into those details, here are some photo’s of what the booth looked liked during the event!

(Gawd I love that doll!)
(my gosh look at these freebies and goodies!!!)
Everything was just so cute I wanted to take everything home!! the mini workshop was… Felt Bow Tutorials! the event started 4 pm, but I arrived a little past 6 pm, so some of their items were already gone, ms. Kaila suggested that I do the workshop, and she said I can pick any pin I want from the giveaway when I arrived *^* in the end I did the workshop, and ms. Kaye Romero was super cute in her Lucypop x Rainbowholic uniform! she taught me how to make the ribbons!
Here's a photo of ms. Kaye teaching someone how to make Kawaii Ribbons!
I was chatting with ms. kaila while they were teaching the kids, and it was fun to watch them *u* Of course, Ms. Kaye and Ms. Celina would feel tired, so they stepped out for a few minutes to get some air, plus it was so noisy inside!~ while they were out, there were two guests who wanted to do the workshop, and ms. chichi said the sensei’s were out so the guest waited, and ms. kaila and ms. chichi told me to do the tutorial instead if I knew how to do it, so I’m like… yeah I can do it.. if it’s a crappy one ~well I did teach anyway, I didn’t teach any kids though, I taught the kids at heart xD
Here's a photo of me with my students! ohoho! I was super nervous! but it was fun *^*
Chilling with the Kawaii Masterminds!
so we left Ms. Kaila and Chichi behind the table to be interviewed while I took pictures!

They’re both super cute!! and ms. kaila was telling the hosts and the audience that the shirt she’s holding is part of the raffle!~
after a few more minutes of chatting, ms. kaila told me we will take pics, and I said yay! then realized she meant at the event photobooth! she said we’re the only ones who hasn’t taken the picture yet and we did!
aaanndddd.. BAAM! there’s me and ms. Kaila! but decided to just upload the picture where you can see everyone! everyone is so cute aside from me who’s sooo fat ;AAAA;
aaannnddd… there was this awesome balloon dance show and they were giving out so maaany cool balloons while performing!
in the end, I was chosen to receive the greatest balloon hat, and everyone borrowed it to take pictures!

and of course I didn’t go home empty handed~

Look at all those freebieeess! the ribbons on top where the ones from the workshop that I did with ms. Kaye~ but she’s soo sweet and made me two cuter bows with a different style! *^* I used them that night~
In the end, it was a rest day well spent for me and it was super fun! will be meeting them again this october *coughforsomethingcoughdifferentcough*
And that’s it for my first ever post!

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