Kawaii Adventures this 2014

12/31/2014 Micaela 1 Comments

Hey Lovelies! so this a summary of how my 2014 went, to be honest, I don't know how to start, but if there's one thing I will never forget that happened in 2014, was when I said yes to becoming Mike's girlfriend~ so I'll start there, it happened around February, we went to a team building together with our office mates, and that's where he asked me to be his girlfriend, he gave me a Pokemon Trainer Cap (that kinda looks like it's for a girl but it's Ash Ketchum's hat in the earlier series) and he also wore a matching one that was a latter version of the series, then he told me "I choose you".... I laughed so hard because he was super cheesy! but! I was so happy that time and said yes, he had been courting me for 5 months already and has asked me to be his girlfriend FOUR times and I kept turning him down~ lol~ but his hard work paid off!
Of course we've been on super many dates for the year!

Stolen shot of both of us during a Kawaii PH event, was watching over the booth and le bae was kind enough to help me~ 

Yeah he's a kawaii boy~

Another memorable part of my 2014 is becoming a part of Kawaii PH team! even though I'm still an intern, Kaila has entrusted me with a lot of duties already, and we still have a lot going on! I've been assigned with a lot of kawaii tasks, and it's actually very fulfilling! the Kawaii PH team has taught me a lot of things far beyond my imagination, and I never knew I would gain self confidence in many things, I'm still in the process of becoming more daring when it comes to my Kawaii lifestyle, but I'm getting there, meeting a lot of new people, new kawaii friends, experienced things with mike by my side~ (me getting all cheesy too) 

I've been given a chance to sing LIVE for the first time in my life during Ulzzang Pistol's album launch at Heima brixton and the Kawaii PH team supported me as well~ also helped organized a couple of Kawaii events and watched the kawaii booth!

Kawaii Workshop with TLC event~

 Bazaar for All Season's Event tie up with Kawaii PH!

Rainbowholic Meet up in Manila!~

Ulzzaing Pistol Album launch! here's me while performing~ with my double chin lol!

To be honest, I've been through more rough times this year than the happy moments, but all of those times were completely covered with all these Kawaii PH events, and with the support of Mike, I think I've become a strong person, a more independent woman, and a more responsible lady. 

I am the Kawaii Ninja of Kawaii PH

Me wearing Kawaii PH Goods!

I'm still very nervous as to what's in store for me this 2015, but I'm very excited to find out what they are in the right time and place!

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year everyone!


Merry Christmas!

12/26/2014 Micaela 0 Comments

Hi everyone! Sorry it's late but... Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time spending it in their own way! 

An obligatory christmas shot with le bae!

The lighting looks so bad lol! 
Anyway! Merry christmas to everyone! 


Pre-Christmas Date!

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Hi lovelies! Earlier today, me and my boyfriend mike went out and made some last minute Christmas shopping! It's been a while since we've been on a date and we were super tired earlier! We had a quick snack at a very kawaii mini chocolate fondue place!

The chocolate is super good and tasty! plus it's super affordable!! the small cup (with any fruit included) is only 35 php!!

Mike ordered the small cup with assorted fruits in it, in my case I only asked for Banana and Melon~ 
(there was no strawberry that time! ;A;) and of course a date won't be complete without more pictures and selfies!

Hihi! Mike looking all cute and happy with his Milk Chocolate dip! they have dark chocolate dip, milk chocolate dip, and white chocolate dip! there are other food included as well!

Okay so here's a stolen shot that mike took! I told him to wait cos' I was about to eat one and he still pressed the button! 

And more shots where I'm not ready to smile yet! I might have chocolate in my teeth! haha!
So after eating a snack we went shopping for shoes, Cause I wanted to buy new sneakers, and also looked for kawaii bags (to no avail) and also some kawaii clothes~ 

Mike also bought a couple of clothes for himself!

And for dinner! I had Ramen!

and that's how our day went! it's already the 24th! Almost Christmas everybody! Please look forward to a year end post and a blog name change update!


Kawaii Mister Donuts ミスタードーナツ

12/17/2014 Micaela 0 Comments

While strolling in the mall with my boyfriend mike, I noticed this Mister Donut stall had Katakana written under it, normally, Mister Donut's here in the Philippines are like just the normal local donut stores we have here ( always thought it was local ) So we decided to check it out, and realized they were selling Japanese Donuts (just like what Mister Donut in Japan have in their line up) and kawaii animal donuts as well!

I also love the ambiance of the place, it's just a small stall in the middle with small tables and chairs included~ plus they're not that expensive! which is something very important of course, since it's christmas time, gift giving and exchanging so people are tight on budget!

Here's what I ordered (Mike ordered something different, he just ordered regular donuts lol)

Animal Donuts! these are just 10 php per piece, and there are still other animals as well, but I can't remember what they were~ lol!

My favorite out of the three! Chocolate and Vanilla! I think it's a puppy??? not reallt sure, haha! but yeah looks like a puppy, but the vanilla cream is super yummy plus the chocolate dough is super soft, and kind of chunky in the inside!

And yes, I assume this is a cute neko-chan! I think it's still vanilla flavored, but just with a different color~

Of course never miss a kawaii buta/piggy in the collection! This one is strawberry flavored one and I love it! it's super tasty, but very sweet it's just the right amount~

After we ate we went shopping, and omg bought kawaii stuff and will be posting them soon!
and this date won't be complete without a selfie! although I took Mike's Picture~

I'm wearing the "Full Time Magical Girl" t shirt from the Kawaii PH store by MAD TEE PARTY! promoting Kawaii PH while shopping, and mike also helped me plan the Kawaii Fashion show for the Tamashii Convention in March 2015!

And that's it for today's post! 
Bye lovelies!


Card Captor Sakura Collection

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Hey Kawaii lovers!

Recently, Kaila and I have been chatting about which Shoujo anime we like better, Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura, we both agreed we like Card Captor Sakura better, and we both posted kawaii Card Captor Sakura Collection!

Some of these I've had since I was in grade school especially the Clow cards and the Sakura doll!

This Sakura Doll was a gift from my grandma and the 4 kawaii cards were included in the pack as well! she also has a back pack included and socks and her black shoes, but I need to find the back pack first, I put the socks and shoes in there! And if you're wondering, yes you can remove the hat!

And I love these clow cards with the book! One thing I love about this is the book is not just some cardboard box, it's kind of soft, but hard at the same time, and sort of leathery? and of course I have all Clow cards! My mom bought me these randomly when we were at a mall when I was younger, I also used to have Sakura Cards but I guess they weren't original because the book was made of like a regular box with sakura's pic in front, and the sakura cards were thinner than the clow cards, but someone borrowed it and never returned it, now I'm not sure who I lent it to~

I also have the DVD of the whole series including the movies in English Subtitle! yep because I don't like the English dub that much because they did alter some of the meaning (or rather they changed the translation and meaning of what the characters were actually saying) and it altered the characters in the anime. Those Limited Edition Jacket Collection Cards were a gift, but can't remember from who~ I still have a lot more limited edition cards in an album, but these were the first batch I got~

Of course one can not go on with the manga! I also have the 12 original japanese manga's of Card Captor Sakura! these were from my friend Kalix!

And one of the first OST's I got for myself when I was in high school!

I used to always listen to all the songs in this CD, this CD includes all the OP, ED themes and the theme songs of the 1st and 2nd movie as well!

by the way, here's Kaila's Card Captor Sakura collection!

She bought these goodies in Japan! check out her blog! http://the.rainbowholic.me/
She also put up a Card Captor Sakura Club so please be sure to like the FB page and look forward to the club website to be updated with any CCS merchandise and collection and giveaways!

Feel free to blog and post your kawaii Sakura Collection as well!
Bye lovelies!