Moving to a new apartment in Japan : Vlog

If you've read/watched my old apartment tour video, I mentioned that I will be moving to a new apartment soon, and so that day finally came! This place is bigger than my old apartment, this is a 2DK apartment and is a little bit far from the city, but I guess that just means I need to get away from temptation (lol)

But yeah, I pretty much tried to include as much information as I can in the video, (not much to say tbh), so I hope you guys enjoy the vlog!

I'm planning on an updated apartment tour soon! Hope you look forward to it!


Watched Detective Pikachu : A Vlog

Dyan and I watched Detective Pikachu! I originally wanted to watch it on the first day it showed which was the 3rd, but Dyan was still in Osaka and would arrive late night, so we scheduled our movie date for Saturday! I decided to try vlogging seriously, or... commitedly? My dad asked me if I could send them more videos of me, the city I am living in, the people I interact with, and I thought it would be easier for them to watch instead of read really long blog posts, so I decided to try vlogging seriously, I've been vlogging the past few days and a lot of content is about to come your way, BUT! since Golden week is almost over, I'm not sure how often I would be able to upload lol but I will try my best to keep my channel and blog updated as often as I can.

I still haven't started the draft on how I came here in Japan, I'm not sure if I should make a blog post, a video, or both? lol

I will definitely create either a blog or vlog discussing what I went through to be able to land a job here in Japan, for those who are interested as well!

But either way, I hope you enjoy this vlog!
BTW, since I am in a vlogging spree, might as well do a shameless plug and promote my up and coming/ budding / new? lol Youtube Channel : Youtube Channel

Thoughts on the movie Detective Pikachu 
First of all, we watched it in the original english Audio, so not much people would watch it, most Japanese would prefer the Japanese Dubbed version, so we were pretty relaxed in the theater.

I played the Detective Pikachu game a few years back with my 3DS, so I pretty much know the story of the movie, still, as a fan, I wanted to watch the movie, and in my opinion, I really loved it, I loved the voice of Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, (compared to the actual 3DS game where Pikachu sounded like a 40 year old smoking gangster), the effects were actually good, I love the realistic look of the pokemon, and it made me think what our world would be like if Pokemon were real haha!

I enjoyed the few action scenes it had, and the emotional aspect of the movie as well, I felt like it just lacked on the "Detective" / mystery feel the game originally had, but then again it is a movie, so it does have a restraint on time.

I would give it a 8.5 / 10 score, it was interesting, well made, and entertaining, which is pretty much what I am after as a viewer, and a Pokemon lover!

Have you seen the movie? I would definitely recommend it to pokemon fanatics, newbies, normies, and people who do not know squat about Pokemon!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this short review and the vlog inclued.


🎌 Unplanned Izumo Taisha visit 🎌

Unplanned Izumo Taisha visit...
Hear us out lol
Marianne and I were invited to go to the trainees house to celebrate one of the trainees birthday..Marianne and I met at the mall, then waited for the next bus since we didn't have enough time to ride the soonest one since we had to buy drinks for the party. We bought three 1L bottles of sodas. The next bus was in 30
min or so.

The bus was actually a few min late so marianne checked the board for any announcements, all it said was the bus will be a few min late due to traffic (since Golden Week) and Marianne always rides from this bus stop going to the Eki (train station), so when the bus arrived, we got on 🚎
Usually, the fare would be 150 JPY from the mall to the eki and vice versa, so we sat there relaxed, and realized that the bus was using a different route than usual, but we thought "maybe this is a round trip bus, or they just used a different route", so we remained seated, and we were just chillin'.

I started questioning things when I noticed that the fare went up for our ticket, when the fare hit 330 JPY, we were starting to worry, and we asked an old couple seated behind us, then they said " this bus is going to Izumo Taisha", and we were like.. "WHUT THE FUDGEEE🤣"

We really had no plans but to go to the house of the trainees so we can eat home made cooking, since we were on a tight budget...

So, in order to get our 1,000 JPY round trip fare money's worth, we decided to walk around Izumo Taisha a bit...

But yeah, this was my first time visiting Izumo Taisha, and we weren't prepared for it, we were carrying 3LITERS of bottled sodas, we were following a budget, and it was so unexpected.

But nevertheless, I thought maybe I should vlog so something good will come out of it, so! here it is, hope you enjoy!

Birthday Celebration 2019

2019年4月28日 : Actual Birthday! A lot of things happened during this special day, and I am happy that I was able to enjoy it, despite being sad that I am away from home, but, I completely forgot about how sad I was and I really had fun! First things first, here's the link to my blog post about my Pre-birthday Celebration 2019 lol (so many celebrations lol) : Pre Birthday Celebration 2019

Now let's move on to the actual party! We had a Japanese style Barbecue party!

The meat is lined up so neatly! We went to the house of one of our Japanese colleagues and we celebrated there! They prepared the meat and other food for us!

Once the grill was ready... the first thing they grilled was... STEAK!
(いきなりステキ!? (笑))

Look at that mouthwatering beauty! They added the butter before it was done cooking completely! It was soft AF!

We had soooo many meat, we had veggies, and they even prepared Yakisoba! I was sooo full but it was so good! It was my first time doing a Japanese styled Barbecue party, and it made me realize that they do things differently, and Dyan and Marianne and I were comparing how it would be done in the Philippines, and it just made us laugh lol

The last thing they grilled was....

Another steak! I think they said this was a 800 g steak.. is that the right measurement to use? lol all I know is, this is, HUGE.

I was already too full to eat and finish it, but they were asking, can we still eat dessert? and I was like... THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR DESSERT. and another unexpected thing happened...

They surprised me again with another Strawberry shortcake!! I was soooo surprised and didnt really expect anything, but I was sooo happy! and this cake is just toooo adorable!

Look at that beauty! It's just amazing, and it was really good! It didn't just look good, it tasted heavenly too!

After eating cake, we roasted marshmallows! 

And of course here's a swag shot of me...


After the Barbecue party, we went for Karaoke, then Dyan and Marianne and I went to YouMe Town Mall, and went for Purikura!

I was never the type to like surprises for me, I like them for other people, but I always get emotional and feel like I short circuit when people do nice things for me, but I really enjoyed my 3-day-birthday celebration with these beautiful gals and other workmates who made my day extra special...

It was a fun birthday, and here's hoping for a fun year ahead of me, at least before I go home since I miss my family, boyfriend, and my DOG!

Thank you to everyone who remembered me on my birthday and took the time to greet me in whatever platform it is!

Hope you all have a great day, and Happy Golden Week!

Heisei Era ends in 2 days... lol HELLO REIWA! PLEASE BE KIND!

Pre-Birthday Celebration 2019

This is my first time celebrating my birthday away from home, family, boyfriend, friends... and my first time celebrating it in Japan! I'm both happy and sad, but, thanks to the people who made my birthday extra special! It was a weekend celebration starting from 2019年4月26, when the Avengers: Endgame premiered here in Japan, I HAD to watch it on the first day it was released, so Dyan accompanied me to watch it, even though she's not really a fan of the MCU films, I think this is the first MCU film she watched, but she enjoyed every bit of it!

Right after work on the 26th, (we still had work then since it was a Friday, Golden Week officially started on the 27th for us, btw my birthday is on the 28th lol)

I bought the amazing endgame pamphlet that's like a book! It was beautifully made, and we received adorable peanut like standees when we entered the cinema! I got Captain America, Dyan got Iron man! IT WAS A LEGENDARY MOVIE. A MASTERPIECE. I CRIED. THE WHOLE TIME. Because I know it was ending... gosh I still have endgame hangover and post endgame depression... but! I enjoyed it very much!

That was the first part of my celebration, the next day, Dyan and I went on another Movie date and watched KINGDOM, a Japanese movie, it was also a really good movie!

This was part of my pre-birthday celebration, we watched KINGDOM 2019年4月27日 in the afternoon, before dinner!

After the movie, Marianne met up with us, and we had dinner at Pepper Lunch! I was so happy they had Pepper Lunch here! it's one of my favorite places to eat in the Philippines, and weirdly enough, I like the Pepper Lunch in the Philippines better than Japan...

One of the things that made me super happy... they SURPRISED ME WITH A BIRTHDAY CAKE! I really was not expecting anything, but that made me so happy!

It was also one of my favorite cakes ever, Strawberry Shortcake! I loved the cake and it was soooo adorable!

They went to my apartment afterwards, ate the cake, painted our nails, and they waited for 12:00 MN for me! My boyfriend was on the phone waiting for 12:00 with them lol

Even though I am far from home, and I miss my family, I am so happy I got to spend my birthday weekend with these lovely ladies!

But that's not all, actual Birthday Celebration coming up on the next post lol
LINK: Actual Birthday Celebration 2019

Thanks for reading!

Life lately 2019年4月

I can't believe it's already halfway through April, in less than 10 days, I will be 27... This will be my first year celebrating my birthday without my family, boyfriend, and friends.. I'm not sure if I am looking forward to this year's birthday, but, will make the most out of it! I recently purchased a few items to decorate my room, but will save that for a different post, since I will be moving apartments after Golden week, will just make an updated What's in my Apartment blog post once I am settled in...

What have I been up to these past few days? well for starters, I dyed my hair in a reddish brown color.. it's been a while since I've had something similar to a red colored hair since I always go for the Ash looking tone, but! Pretty happy about the product since it was so nice!

I know they sell Liese products in the Philippines as well, but this packaging (and dye quality) is so much better than than the ones sold back home, this is so aesthetically pleasing! it also made my hair super soft and silky after washing it off so yay for that!

I've also been super addicted to these strawberry sandwiches from Lawson recently! they literally taste like Strawberry Short cake but in sandwich form and they are so good!

During my Karaoke date with Dyan last 4.15.19, we ate at Yamachan right after for dinner, the food was delicious! Especially the Yakisoba! It tastes like Takoyaki, I call it TakoYakisoba! it was sooo good!

Price was it was not that expensive unlike normal Japanese restaurants, they normally cost a lot.

I've been super busy these past few days since there are a lot of changes with work and stuff, but I try to make time for myself, which I think is the best time for me, (pun unintended lol), but I am really excited for Golden which is in a few days and hopefully I get to go somewhere so I have something interesting to share lol

That's it for now haha!


Japanese Apartment Tour 🎌

One of the things I was most excited with my stay here in Japan is what kind of apartment I would be living in... and so! in this post, I present to you my Apartment tour video! I will be updating this post once I have photos of my apartment, for maybe a more detailed overview of it, but, for now, I'm going to include the apartment tour video in this post, because I might move to a different apartment closer to work.. I will of course update this post and maybe create a new one once I have moved.

But for now, I hope you guys enjoy my 10 min Apartment tour!

🌸 Sakura Hanami 🌸

It's the most wonderful time of the year here in Japan, it's Sakura season! The time of the year where the beautiful, pink blossoms bloom all over the country! To be honest, it bloomed a little late here in Izumo City, because it almost always rains here, like 2~3 times a week... this city is pretty cloudy and gloomy, so while the Sakura's were in full bloom in Tokyo, they're not yet fully bloomed here... but the time has come for them to show off their beauty!

It's a dream come true! Finally able to check this off my bucket list! Last 2019年4月5日 we went to Kisuki, which is about almost an hour train ride away from the main city, but again, it was worth it! We went on a Friday morning, so it started off with a few people, when we were about to leave, it was around 1:30 in the afternoon, it was swarming with people, so we were happy we went in the morning, and a friday lol imagine the amount of people on a saturday/sunday?

It was also a really beautiful day for a picnic so we packed lunch! I was happy they prepared Filipino food like Pancit, the famous Chicken Lollipop (remembering kids parties lol), and really nice sandwiches, which is not really filipino but.. you know.. haha!

There were also food stalls there, it felt like a festival, but! they were pretty pricey lol but the Taiyaki was only 120 JPY, and it came in 3 fillings, the usual Azuki filling, Choco, and custard! I got the custard one!

The view was gorgeous! I am just literally spamming you guys with photos... but of course I wont be able to include all the photos in this post, but yeah.. haha!

Besides the Sakura's, they also had a part where there were other flowers as well!

This was giving me the "Violeta" vibes... playing that song in my head right now,... (Wizone's where you at!? lol)

It was a a really tiring, but fun day! I feel so fulfilled because I was finally able to witness the beauty of Sakura's...

(and it's also my birthday month hehe)

But I hope you guys had fun looking through the photos, and my selfies apparently, and will see you guys in my next post!